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5 Amazing Attractions To Visit When You’re In Subang


Living in a new town can be overwhelming, but it can also be a fun adventure! If you are living around Subang Heights and need to walk out of the confinements of your home for more than a simple breath of fresh air, here are 5 amazing attractions to visit in Subang:

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

A prosperous satellite town about 15 kilometers southwest of Kuala Lumpur has more than meets the eye. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is located in Petaling Jaya and is one of the most searched attractions to spend the holiday with your friends and family. There are few more enjoyable ways to spend a day than cooling down at Sunway, which offers a number of water rides as well as a variety of dry-land activities, highly recommended for those who have to endure the hot summer season of Malaysia. The list of exciting attractions at the 80-acre park is a tremendously wide array of selections to choose – water slides that whirl and twirl, a man-made ‘river’ ride, a surf beach, a wave pool, a 360° revolving pirate ship. One should not skip the main highlights of this multi-zone amusement park, that is its water slides and the world’s largest manufactured surf beach, which were built on the site of a former tin mine and quarry. It has now grown to include five distinct zones: a water park, a scream park, an amusement park, an extreme park, and a wildlife park.

Subang Ria Park

It may be your one of a kind type of a park to go while living in Subang Heights. Subang Ria Park is Subang Jaya’s oldest leisure park located near Sime Darby Medical Centre and spans 72.6 acres of beautiful nature, along with a big lake and breathtaking views of Subang Jaya. Jogging, cycling, and relaxing and picnicking by the lake are just a few of the activities available at this park. There is also an open-air theatre where cultural shows, small-scale events, and even talks about the local community and environmental issues are held. TT Sports Park, located in Subang Ria Park, is the country’s largest paintball park. Those looking for some excitement can visit this recreational park for a round of adrenaline-inducing pleasure.

Clay Expression

Clay Expression, a pottery studio in Subang Jaya that opened in 2001, invites people of all ages to try their hand at creating beautiful ceramic and clay work. The studio is a popular venue for pottery enthusiasts and beginners alike for art-related talks and design ideas due to its spacious and cozy setting. Clay Expression also offers a variety of pottery lessons, workshops, bespoke works, group exhibitions, and school field trips, all of which include art supplies and materials. Clay Expression also offers professional advice on ceramics, pottery, and clay. The studio, with its experienced staff and interesting classes, is ideal for individuals who wish to get their hands dirty while learning and expect to bring their handiwork back home to marvel at their creation.

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