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glass partition wall Malaysia

Accessorising Rooms with Glass

Changing a room’s appearance can do wonders for the entire building, whether it is in your home or the workplace office. Altering a few things can significantly alter its entire look, making it a better working or living environment.

1.     Mirrors

Mirrors are an easy piece that tie rooms together very well. They are dynamic and you can experiment with the framing, the shape and size. In many homes, the mirror is placed above sofas or over the mantel piece, but you can play around with positioning. There are different shapes to inspire change. Circular and oval mirrors are popular, but hexagon-shaped ones are also sophisticated and add a different geometrical flair. What I love about mirrors is that the frames can also compliment the living area. An oaken frame can tie a woods-inspired room together. And if the framing is metal it still looks chic and pristine in a modern-living inspired room or a minimalism lounge.

glass partition wall Malaysia

2.     Glass partitions

Glass partition wall Malaysia offers a lovely transformation to any room. A glass wall creates the illusion of space because it increases the amount of light inside the room and these partition walls work well in offices, especially conference rooms where business is conducted. Glass partitions can  work in homes, as well, to separate the dining room from the lounge. A wall accentuates a sophisticated home arrangement while making it comfortable. The illusion of space allows you to also amplify either room with other smaller features in a fashion that looks less cluttered. Walls are not as easy as mirrors to maintain because fingerprints can be very tedious to clean. And it is important that the wall itself is a visible structure especially if animals or little children are in the building. However, it is a beautiful structure that can transform an entire space. 

3.     Glass pieces 

Glass pieces are less expensive than installing partitions and they can come in several forms. They are also quicker to replace if they get broken and certainly less expensive. Glass pieces can include glass statuettes. Many households have a collection of clear-glass animals and others have abstract statuettes that look great on furniture. You could also look into glass vases or bowls and fill them with smooth rocks or potpourri to add fragrance to the space. If you don’t want to fill them up, you could purchase interestingly-shaped vases and bowls and add fairy lights around them to add a magical aesthetic to your bedroom or living area. Experiment creatively with jars around the living space, especially as these compliment wood-work very well. Glass rocks are a great accessory to add to wooden bowls for centrepieces, too.

The possibilities with glass are endless. It is best to look up what you believe will really tie your space together, but also consider glass the next time you want to change your environment in a subtle or big way.

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