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tm unifi 300mbps

Find The Right Internet: Time Fibre Home Broadband Malaysia

With an upstream bitrate of 1 Mbps, you could, in theory, make a Zoom video call but with the lowest video quality (540p, or 600 kbps); and even with this degraded video quality, at least 60% of your available upstream bitrate would be occupied. No need to imagine two people in the same household having simultaneous Zoom calls or streaming movies. It’s hard to believe that in 2020, parents must choose between participating in a professional videoconference and allowing their children to study. The use of the tm unifi 300mbps comes easy there.

tm unifi 300mbps

What Is The Optimal Upflow

It is not enough to consider only the upstream speed required by a video call (from 600 kbps to 1.8 Mbps) because other connected devices can also send large volumes of data to the Internet in the background: synchronize in the cloud, post videos on social networks or save photos. An informal survey that we conducted shows that people with an upstream speed of less than 10 Mbps generally have difficulty when it comes to making several simultaneous video calls or performing tasks that require high speed upstream at the same time.

What Percentage Of Households In The EU Benefit From This Upward Flow

Deciding this rate is confounded on the grounds that most connection speed surveys (like the EU’s DESI report) center around downlink speed. We need to appraise the upflow. One approach to do this is to check the upflow typically connected with the downflow. NGA – Next Generation Access qualified network (for instance, FTTC – Fiber to the Cabinet or FTTH, Fiber to the Home) normally offers upstream throughput near 10 Mbps for section level memberships and near 20 Mbps for top of the line memberships. Not all NGA customers can get the greatest speed, yet exact information is hard to track down. 


As indicated by a Broadband study, 80% of FTTC clients appreciate upstream throughput of 10 Mbps or more. In the EU, 83% of families are associated by means of qualified NGA access. We can along these lines gauge that 80% of 83% (= 66.4%) can get an upstream speed of min 10 Mbps. Then again, 33% of families in the EU don’t have adequate upstream speed for two synchronous video calls or one video call.

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