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Myths About Traditional Medicine

A lot of people, even in the 21st century, still opt for traditional medicine. Maybe it’s because of their elders and they simply want to keep the tradition going. However, many people, those who use traditional medicine and those who don’t, equally have misconceptions about it. What I mean by that is that whether or not they use traditional medicine, they have some sort of misconception of whether it is good or bad. But in reality, it’s neither better nor worse. As with everything in the entire world, traditional medicine has its pros and cons. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to address the common misconceptions painting traditional medicine as being better or worse:

It’s Just Acupuncture

Yes, acupuncture is a part of traditional medicine but that does not mean that traditional medicine is just acupuncture. It’s more than that. As its name suggests, traditional medicine differs depending on what culture you inherit. I feel like traditional medicine or treatments are passed down in Asian families mostly. This is because acupuncture and a lot of other alternative medicine used originate from Asia. Nonetheless, a lot of people of different ethnicities and cultures still use many different types of traditional medicine. 

Since It’s Natural, It’s Safe

Traditional medicine usually does not contain chemicals and they are not made in factories most of the time. So, as a result of being mostly natural, a lot of people usually think that it’s the safest path of medicinal treatment to go for. On the contrary, no matter which branch of medicine or treatments you opt for, there is always going to be the possibility of negative side-effects or it not working at all. Regarding any sort of healthcare you provide for your body, each person’s body will react differently to any sort of medicine. For instance, if energy-cleansing or acupuncture worked for you, it might not work for another person. The same goes for modern medicine actually, hepatitis medicine Malaysia could work well for you but not for me and vice versa.

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It’s Not Supported By Research

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of different types or methods of traditional medicine that are supported by research. A lot of people who do not use it say that it’s all just nonsense or even call it witchcraft. However, there are methods and treatments that are even recommended by medical professionals. Thus, there are traditional medicines or methods that are based on research and are scientifically proven to be helpful.

It’s Cheap And Easily Found Because It’s Natural

No, it is certainly not. Nowadays, in the 21st century, people tend to opt for modern medicine. Even with the pandemic going on, we are relying on modern medicine to help us beat this virus. As a result, traditional or alternative medicine are rarely sought, making them more expensive and harder to find. 

Bottom line is that you should always be cautious no matter what kind of treatment or medicine you’re going for. Consult a medical professional before making any life-changing decisions. 

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