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Parenting Tips For New Parents

I feel like a lot of parents get parenting or simply the whole concept wrong throughout raising their children. They think that being a parent automatically makes them superior just because they are older. Being an adult myself, I realize what parents have been doing wrong. For instance, you can’t tell a child what to do because they will do just the opposite. Why? Because they are children. Parents need to remember that they were children themselves too and they should make sure that they do not make the mistakes their own parents make. So, for a better understanding, here are some parenting tips: 

Trust Your Children

A lot of aspects that come with raising children involve trusting them. You need to trust your child. Trust them in what, exactly? Trust them in growing up. Yes, you need to teach them how to crawl, talk and walk but for the most part, they need to experience the world either on their own or with you by their side. What I mean by that is, don’t fully shield them from experiencing stuff like heartbreaks or mistakes. Let them make mistakes and allow them to learn from those mistakes. You can definitely help them but you just have to trust the process. Trust that they will learn from those mistakes. If they need a little nudge of help, then you can nudge them a little bit but don’t hold them from going out with their friends and making mistakes or simply experiencing life and growing. 

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Teach Boundaries

Teaching boundaries does not mean shouting or scolding them. It means to show them the things that are acceptable and things that are not. For instance, when they break something or ruin something, don’t scold them. Teach them that it is not good behaviour so that they will try not to do it again. Then again, remember that they are children. Always ask before doing something. Take, for example, if you want to help them brush their hair, ask whether they want you to brush their hair or not. This teaches them that they should definitely ask before doing something. This might also teach them to ask for consent later on when they grow up.

Do Not Discriminate Based On Gender

Try not to push a certain gender onto your child. This may help them discover themselves better as they grow up. For instance, when you shop for new mother products Malaysia, try to go a very gender-neutral path. Remember to accept your child no matter what sexuality or gender they are. At the end of the day, they did not choose to be here so, give them a good life and make sure that they are comfortable with who they are.

Give Them Space

Aside from not pushing gender onto your child, try not to push anything else onto them either. Things like hobbies, sports, study majors or even religion, try not to push anything onto them so that they have the space to decide for themselves. This will ensure a happier life since it is most likely that they are going to choose what they like and what feels right.

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